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Chile Facts - Some Things You Might Not Know

Containing three times the amount of vitamin C in citrus fruit, all chiles in the world originated in Central America, Ecuador, Bolivia and have served to inspire man to colonize the planet. Along with black pepper, the spice trade has inspired commerce and exchange throughout our planet.

Here is an interesting story about one type of pepper. The Pimant'D'Espelette got to France in 1523 in the pocked of one of Columbuses' sailors and introduced chiles to Europe. The reason they are mis-named "peppers" is because Columbus wanted to keep his head. Ferdinand and Isabella funded the trip to get (black peppercorn-type) pepper, and he came back with chiles. And said "look, peppers!". That's what they were sent for,it would be bad to go and spend all that money without bringing home the goods.

Peppers belong the plant family Solanaceae (along with potatoes, tomatoes egglplants, mustard and tobacco). Their genus, Capsicum, stands out for its amount and variety of species and variations, which number literally in the hundreds. There is so much to learn and enjoy about peppers. We look forward to adding to the page and sharing more.