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About Us

Some Like it Hott was founded by midwest native, Charlie Bodony. In the beginning, his Transylvanian heritage inspired him to become a paprika hobbiest. Time went on, the economy tanked and he lost his job at the foundry. This turn of events led him to turn his hot pepper hobby into a business, and here we are.

Right hand to Charlie is Peter.

Peter's dad was a math teacher in Port Angeles. In the summer he would
go to Neah Bay to go fishing. While his father was fishing he would stay on the beach and smoke the fish. This art Peter and his family learned from the Makah; modifying their traditional methods only slightly.

In 2005 the first 600 square foot pepper-growing-environment went up. In 2011, up went the addition, was another 600 square feet. These cold frames are sufficient to grow most of the peppers for Some Like it Hott artisan paprikas. Full spectrum, hydroponic plant food and
liquified seaweed (kelp) are used and the finest organic soil, as well as home-made compost are used.

Some Like it Hott's peppers are smoked or dried in small batches. They are never heated above 105 degrees, and qualify as "live food". Scrupulous standards are maintained throughout all aspects of our production. Only the finest chiles go into the products, and top marks when inspected
by the Washington Department of Agricultural are consistently garnered.

Some Like it Hott is a great example of a sustainable agriculture-based, cottage industry on a small plot of land. This small business participates in its local economy in a number of significant ways.

These specialty, small-batch paprikas are sent all over the world, many times through visitors who have discovered them at local farmers markets.